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Before you see the private tours we offer, it is important to know that we can customize the tour based on what you want to see. As every person is different so can be the tour that you will choose. All you have to do, is to take a look below, see what we suggest and then send us an email with the places you wish to see...that simple!

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Everybody! We can accommodate from 1 person to groups! We have at your disposal taxi, mini-vans, buses and a crew of well trained drivers and guides that are locals and share the same love as mine for this unforgettable island! Everybody is welcome and I will personally make sure that this tour will be a tour you will never forget!


Destination: Santorini private tours - testimonials for Niko  

Hi,  Nikos       ( see photo)
     This is my screen saver. You can see why I think of you & Santorini every day. It is so beautiful there. I always have people asking me where is that place & how did I get the picture. All of you must be very anxious to move into the new house. Will will have to email us some pictures when you get time.
                                                                     Love & Friendship, Richie & Peggy
I am sitting in my wonderful cabin on Brilliance of the Seas and just had the best tour ever in Santorini. Our whole family agrees that Nikos at . Nikos was warm, knowledgeable, and treated us like family. Oh yeah, and the big bonus was that he was taking pictures of us all day long and gave us a disk of the entire day, and did not expect us to pay for it! We were disappointed with a couple of other tours we took in Florence and Rome, but Nikos more than made up for it. Also, he does not charge outrageous prices. Anyway, he gets five stars. Gotta go; tomorrow is Athens. If you contact Nikos tell him that Jeff from Las Vegas says hi.


Anna and Nikos,

We all had a fabulous time on our tour in Santorini.  Nikos took some great pictures and he did a terrific job in tailoring the tour around our needs while at the same time making sure we saw all the island's hightlights.  We truly enjoyed it and want to thank both of you!  We also appreciate the effort you made to reschedule our tour in light of the change of date for arrival.  I will make sure that we note our very pleasant experience on the chat boards and cruise critic.  Thanks again.

Joan van Berg
Dear Nikos,

Upon return to Moscow we would like to thank you SO much for one of the most wonderful days in our life! Nikos, you really made this day! Besides you made the photos that amazed all of us you were a bright but still tactful 'leader' of our Day.

All the words fail us when we look at the photos!! They are brilliant! Real masterpieces! [I even couldn't expect I could look like that ;)]

Thank you very much for your kind assistance and for your excellent job! Hope to see you again.

Best wishes,

Elena & Vladimir



Hello Nikos,

I recently saw your website and once again it sparks my obsolute fondness for your island of Santorini.

I saw the pictures of people youíve made happy and I thought that what could be more fitting to showcase in your site but the smiling faces of a happy group. Thanks to both of you.

Eight months after our cruise on June 2005, these people are still talking of the wonderful time everyone had under Nikoís care for that one unforgettable day. And those pictures Nikos took are just gorgeous and Iíve included all in the souvenir DVD Iíve created for the group.    

And by the way, the group from Los Angeles California whom Iíve recommended to use your service last year were of course very happy with your tour.

And again, you will be contacted, with my highest recommendation,  by my co-worker who is booked for the Celebrity Med Cruise this August. His name is Mike Mahase.

I wish you and Nikos more success.

Best regards,

Evelyn and the members of the  

Concepcion Family and Friends Reunion, June 2005


Dear Nikos,
We will be travelling by cruiseship to Santorini and will be arriving on Sunday August 27, 2006 at approximately 8:00am (we would be able to start touring at about 9:00 or maybe earlier).
I had been given your name, Nikos Sirigos from Mike Brill, who had toured with your earlier.  Mike said extremely wonderful things and suggested that we contact you to arrange our tour.
I'm not sure if you still do tours, but if you do, could be so kind to suggest a sample itinerary and cost for 6 people?  If you do not do tours any more, could you possibly suggest someone who might be suitable.
Many thanks for your time.

Now that we are home and things are settled down, I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you again for the wonderful day you gave us when we visited Santorini on October 10th.  Our friend, Walt, made copies of the CD you gave us, and every time I look at it I want to come back.  I even downloaded one of the pictures onto my desktop!  I makes a day here at work much more pleasant!

Thank you again for the kindness you showed all of us, and especially our friend Mae.  Getting her that birthday cake was the highlight of her day! 

We did some shopping after we left you, and Deb did her part to help your national economy.  One of the jewelry stores was very happy to see her!  Carl also bought me a beautiful gold and lapis necklace and I think of your beautiful island now whenever I wear it.  I still worry about the little kitty we named Electra and hope that she found another home after the restaurant closed.

We will definitely come back to Santorini someday, and hope to see you again when we do.  Many, many thanks again for a most memorable day!  Have a wonderful winter!

Mary Mazzocco

YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!  Thanks for the email,I was worried they might of had jetlag and couldn't enjoy it. Thanks so much again,you have been so wonderful and I will also brag about your services all over the web too!! You have a great week and tell Nikos I said thank you.  A VERY satisfied customer and hopefully a future customer(for myself), CC


Hello Nikos

Thank you for making our dream tour come true. Everything was perfect and I can't wait to see the pictures from our beautiful day.

I hope you have a wonderful winter and we look forward to seeing you soon back in Santorini!



Below is our mailing address:


Dear Nick

How are you?? Remember me and Steve? I'm so sorry I haven't been in touch sooner. Steve and I had an amazing Summer of Love :> After the wedding, we enjoyed our time in Oia and in Hania, and then were off to Italy (just in time for the heat wave). Tuscany and Milan

were beautiful, but way too hot! It was 102 degrees F, in Milan.

Then, it was back to the States for his family's reception in New Jersey in July, back to San Francisco to open alot of presents and write alot of thank you notes. And, finally, at the end of August, we had our San Francisco reception in Golden Gate Park, which was very fun. Now, I'm concentrating on finding a job now that I have my Master's Degree in Public Health.

I wanted to let you know that I'm sending you a DVD photo show that Steve made of all of our favorite photos from the wedding and honeymoon, which I hope you and Nick will enjoy. If you don't have a DVD player or if players are different there, hopefully it will play on your computer. It's really cute; Steve added Greek music for the Greece section and Italian music for the Italy section. I'm also sending a CD that we put together of all the favorite love songs of the guests that were at the wedding.

Steve and I can't thank you and Nick enough. Everyone who sees the

pictures of Santorini and Selene is just blown away by the beauty.

With such a romantic wedding, our love is sure to keep going strong. :>

I also wanted to ask you for a favor, if you're willing. It turns out that we need a certified copy of our marriage certificate in

English for the Social Security Office and other authorities here.

They won't accept a copy that was translated and notarized here in the states. It has to be done by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Athens. If we paid you the appropriate amount, could you arrange this for us?? I could send one of the three copies of the marriage certificate along with the DVD and CD, and we could fill out one of your credit card charge authorization forms for the cost. If you are too busy, I'd understand, but it would really help us.

Don't forget, if you want to make links off your website to our website or photos, feel free. It's and people can link to our Kodak photo gallery off the "Photos" page or go directly to:



We'd also be more than happy to write a testimonial or recommendation for your site, telling all your prospective clients how fabulous your services are! Just let us know.


Mrs. Jessica Bowen Bazyl


Just got back from the Celebrity Galaxy Eastern Med trip and wanted to pass along my evaluations of private guides we used:
Rome-We used Max Leotta. He arranged all of our airport transfers and gave us a great one-day tour of Ancient Rome. We used Max's driver Rinaldo for several days and he was great--a real gentleman who went out of his way to be helpful. He found out I was interested in ancient sites so on the way back from Civatevecchia we went to Tarquinia to see the Etruscan sites and then went to Rome's ancient port, Ostia, which made for a really interesting day. Then, the next day, Rinaldo took us to Hadrian's Villa, Villa D'Este (near Tivoli), and then to the catacombs. I highly recommend Max and Rinaldo. All transfers were reliable and efficiently arranged.
Naples-We used Gennaro at SorrentoLimo. Also a fantastic driver and great gentleman. We used him to do the Amalfi Coast drive and go to Herculaneum. We saw so much more than the ship's tours did and Gennaro made us a reservation at a restaurant in Ravello that must have the most beautiful view in the world. I highly recommend him and intend to use him in the future.
Santorini-There is a lot of talk on the board about not using a guide here and I agree that if you just want to see a little scenery and visit a few shops you probably don't need one. But if you are like me, and want to really see the island and its archaeological sites in detail, you will find them well worth the money. We used Nikos at  (arranged for us  his wife Anna) and they also arranged for an archaeological guide named Katherina. Akrotiri is becoming one of the most important archaeological excavations in the world but it is a complicated, hard to visualize site and you might as well not even go see it if you are not with a competent guide.It was a fabulous day and Nikos said at the end that we had seen more in that one day than most people do in a week. We went to Akrotiri, Oia, climbed the mountain to Ancient Thera, visited the main museum, a winery and some Byzantine sites and generally hiked and drove all over the Island. The archaeological guide was really great and even my seven year old son loved the day. Nikos also brings his camera and takes pictures of your family all day and hands you a CD at the end with really great pictures on it. This is probably controversial but we really enjoyed our guided tour of Santorini and I think they are well worth the money if you want to really see the sites in a day.
Athens-We went with Spiros of Spiros Taxi service. We decided not to do Sounion and to instead concentrate on Athens. We saw so much I couldn't believe it, and Spiros also steered us to a great restaurant in the Plaka. We did the Acropolis, Byzantine Church, changing of the guard, Olympic Stadiums, temple of Zeus, Roman Forum, Greek Forum, and Archaeological Museum, all in one day. And the price of 200 Euros was the cheapest service we could find. I liked Spiros a lot and would definitely use him again.
We did not use private guides on Mykonos, Rhodes, Dubrovnik, or Taormina, but instead took the ship's tours. I did not see much value to the ship's tours on Dubrovnik or Taormina. Our guides on Mykonos and Rhodes was good and were probably worth the time and money. From what I could tell, a private guide would not have enabled us to see materially more. Thanks to everyone who helped us find and use these guides.

Dear nikos

Thank you very much for your nice guide

now we back to japan safety

see you agai & thank you kind your guide YOSHIRO SATO Nippon Express TRAVEL

I just wanted to add my two cents.

Our group of six toured with Nikos of    on June 7, on our Galaxy Western Med cruise, and we had the best tour with him than in any of the other ports. He is a professional photographer, and took many pictures of us with stunning views as backgrounds. At the end of the tour, he drove us to his office, burned the pictures onto CD's, and gave them to us as wonderful momentos.

During the tour, he took us to vantage points, not known by the average tourist, for incredible views. The itinerary was extremely flexible - he gave us a variety of options for destinations and experiences. We have the highest regard for Nikos, and would use him again as we definitely plan to go back to Santorini one day.


Hi Anna and Nikos,

Thank you so much for one of the most memorable days of our lives.

Nikos, the pictures are just beautiful and really capture the day, scratched up leg and all. It is all healed now and my feet and ankles are not swollen any more. Sorry if I was too much trouble, but you have to admit that I am a trooper. No one can believe how beautiful Santorini is! It was so great that we would like to come again sometime and see you. Maybe we could even bring some friends and

family. Only a tour by Nikos would do, though. It is very special

to see our pictures on your website. I love the one with Kristen standing on the roof.

Anna, it was so nice to meet you and put a face to the emails. You all are such happy people and seem to do a great business together. We wish only the best for you. Nikos, what can I say - you're the best.

We will check in with you from time to time and spread the word about our enchanting day in Santorini.

Take care.

Love, Karen and Kristen

Santorini private tours Greece :. contact at:

Dear Nikos,

We would like to extend our thanks once again for the
wonderful tour we took while on our stay in Santorini.
The private tour was an unforgettable experience in a
magical place. Although we went during the winter
seeason during an off-peak time, you still offered us
a glimpse of the true beauty of this island. You were
knowledgeable, courteous, and the comfort level of the
bus and with you (answering our many questions) was
superb. Our day of exploration with you was truly one
of our favorite days throughout our entire trip to
Greece. When we return in the future we will
definitely contact you again.

Best wishes,
Nora Dominguez and Alejandro Melo
Miami, FL

Nora  &  Nikos ---Photo By Alex

Dear Nikos,                                                                                                29 May 2009

Many thanks for the enjoyable day we spent with you exploring your beautiful island Santorini. How fortunate you are to live in such a lovely place. You are a warm and welcoming young lady. One who finds the joy in life and love and has the ability to share this gift unconditionally. You made our visit to Santorini much more memorable. Ron and I wish you and your family a lifetime of health and happiness. Call us if you visit the USA. Best Regards Sarah Lake Shippert & Ron

Hello Nikos: Mike and I just returned to Los Angeles from our Greek Island Cruise tonight. While going through the hundreds of photos we took on our vacation, we both agreed that Santorini was by far the best island! We absolutely enjoyed your tour and Julia, our guide was wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable, engaging and made the memories of this beautiful island so much more! We had private tours in Rhodes and Ephesus also, but this one in Santorini was the BEST. We are already discussing going back to Santorini next year for at least a week. Your island is absolutely gorgeous and Julia a real jewel! Please feel free to use on your testimonial page.

Thanks again for the memories....
Mike and Sue
South Pasadena, CA

P.S. Our best to Julia.

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